Wonder Moms: Jess Caskey

Wonder Moms: Jess Caskey
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Wonder Mom #10:

Jess Caskey knew that art was her calling early on in life. Now, she's both the owner and lead designer at Caskey Design, a lovely boutique graphic design firm specializing in branding and stationery in the suburbs of Seattle. She's even worked with a few celebs including Tiffany Thiesson and Renee Maynard. Nedless to say, she takes style seriously when it comes to work but also when it comes to her life and her approach to family. As a mom or two kids, ages 1.5 and 7 years old, she makes juggling her own business while raising her family look fun, easy and super cool. So, I'm hoping we can learn a few of her secrets here today. Read on to learn more!

How did your career come into being and how did you know it was the one to run with?
I've been in the art world most of life and have always excelled it. Truly, it's the only thing in school that came really easily to me. I think that's how I knew I would love being an artist. When it comes naturally and it makes you feel like you, it's easy to see that it's your passion and calling.

How has having children transformed your lifestyle?
Okay, yes I love my kiddos immensely but they are as exhausting as they are cute. They also make work impossible without the help of many sitters and grammas! It does take a freaking village, if you want a clean house, dinner on the table, clothes washed and folded, bathrooms without pee stains (moms of boys you know what I mean) and work completed before it's dark.

Five words to describe your personal sense of style?
Trendy, hippie, easy mom style, cutting edge & badass. I'm really all over the board, but only if it looks good with my body type. Otherwise, I skip the trend. There's no sense in looking bad, I just to try to feel young and hip!

How do you find time to get ready and maintain your style?
I'm not gonna lie, that's why I buy pieces that are easy, comfortable and work across the board - day, night, dates, playground, business, etc. I'm happy if my hair gets washed by day 5 so, powder spray is my bestie.

Where do you get your energy?
Caffeine, shopping and making myself push past the tired to get some fresh air with my babies.

What is your spirit animal or dream super power?
I can't even answer this one without laughing...my dream super power is being able to sleep an entire night through without anyone waking me or me waking at random! Is that a thing?

What inspires you? (other than your children)
Other designers and artists. It's a rare few who naturally come up with an amazing idea on their own. It's a good feeling when you do of course, but I think we all need to share the love a bit more in the design world, teach rather than hoard an idea.

Who are your role models and why?
Other moms, especially ones with style and are humble about it, also who get out and do things! it's such a tough role and trying to juggle it all is impossible. So any mom that is out and living it up with their babes wins this award in my eyes.

What is your favorite thing to do with your children?
Our end of the night family dance party is my fav at the moment.

How do you balance family and work?
I work from home and have strict work/life rules in my house. Sick kids means no work, and running my own business means I have the power to do that. I also won't answer emails or phone calls past a certain time of day, as well as no weekend work. Since my husband also works his rear off, we don't get much family time throughout the week, so weekends are reserved for super quality family time. No distractions allowed.

3 products that you can't live without as a new mom?
A good pair of running shoes for everyday use. I mean it's cool to rock New Balance with your vintage jeans or leggings, so why not? During my horrid C-section days my bamboo Belly Bandit was my best friend. It held me in, gave me the support I needed - C-section recovery can be so painful and the jiggle is so embarrassing. And, a great pair of skinny jeans that fit like a glove!

What do you do to relax?
I'm a reader - a huge fan of of good old fashioned paperback book bending. I'm on a computer all day, so e-readers are not my thing. A REAL book in my hands is my jam. And the longer the series the better

What time do you get up and go to bed on a typical day?
We're usually up between 6 and 7 and to bed when my eyes won't stay open anymore -- usually10:30 ish

What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Eat?! Ha! Who has time? I strive for breakfast but usually it's coffee. Isn't that a food?

Coffee, tea, wine, tequila, or other (please specify)?
I live in the land of Starbucks! So I'm a triple white chocolate mocha or caramel macchiato girl - when I'm not making black coffee at home.

What is something that you struggle with fitting into your lifestyle and how do you deal with it?
Story. Of. My. Life. Everyone comes first. The dentist? Yes, I'm horrible, and I have a cavity literally every time I go no matter how much I brush and floss. And my lovely husband doesn't even have even one filling.

Any advice for new moms, or moms who are struggling to make it all work?
Being a mom is hardest and most rewarding job. I know everyone says that (and I didn't believe them before I had kids) but it's true. Loving my kids like no other is the easy part. The struggle is what we all go through, so I just want to say to every mom out there, no one has it all together! Even if you think they do, they don't! The best thing to do is be honest...talk about it to friends who empathize and get it all out. More than likely we've all experienced the same craziness. We need to take care of each other and raise each other up! Let's stop judging so much and work on being kind, loving and supportive.

From Sheryl Sandberg to Marissa Mayer, women are not sacrificing themselves for their kids like they used to. Why? If you ask me, a confident and happy woman makes a better mother and role model. And whatever it takes to get her feeling that way should be done. But as a mother myself, I know how hard it is to maintain a sense of style, run a successful business and to feel like an okay parent all at the same time.

Women who are flawlessly manifesting this enchanting trifecta are the new wonder women of our times and they are my idols. So I got to wondering how they actually do it all and have it all. Is it really possible? Are they hiding something? Do they secretly never floss? I hope to answer these questions and to give the rest of us moms motivation to stay true to ourselves, live fulfilling lives and love our families as much as ever through interviews with moms who are already doing it. These are the Wonder Moms.

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