Bizarre Switcheroo Makes 'The Wonder Years' Much Creepier Than You Remember

Ooowee, this gives us the willies.

“The Wonder Years” is considered a classic comedy, but one comedy writer and producer has discovered its sinister side.

Jon Friedman realized that if you replace Daniel Stern’s narration with creepy synth noises from a 1980s-era horror movie, wonderfully creepy things happen as this clip demonstrates:

Friedman realized “The Wonder Years” set itself up for remixing years ago.

“When I first started doing stand up, I had a joke about ‘The Wonder Years’ saying that if you remove the narration, the show is 95 percent people staring at each other,” Friedman told HuffPost by email. “From that, I made a video where I removed the narration (as best I could) to prove this point, for fun and laughs: ‘The Silent Wonder Years.’”

Friedman made the video above nine years ago, but decided to revisit the show after getting a new computer two weeks ago.

“I uploaded all my programs and editing software, tested out that everything was working properly and opened that unused ‘Wonder Years’ file,” he said. “And as I watched it in that moment came up with the idea of adding the 80′s horror synth.”

As creepy as Kevin Arnold seems when creepy keyboards play behind him, the clip is getting a big reaction on Twitter, with more than 7,900 retweets so far ― including one from series star Danica McKellar, who played Winnie Cooper.



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