The Bizarre But Amazing Way To Remove Scratches From Wood Furniture

You just need one little walnut.

Even if you love the look of vintage, there's one antique element that's not so chic on wood furniture: scratches.

The wear and tear that quite literally marks a well-loved piece isn't typically the furniture statement you want to make. But instead of spending extra money trying various repairing products or, more drastically, throwing away the furniture altogether, you might want to try a different solution: walnuts.

David Leon, the carpenter on "Home Made Simple," says that rubbing a walnut directly over a scratch or ding in the wood can restore the furniture item to practically looking like new.

"There's oils that are in the walnut," Leon explains. "If you rub it onto a scratch, what's going to happen is those oils are going to seep into the scratch and it's going to basically disappear."

Watch Leon's demonstration in the video above to see for yourself.

"Home Made Simple" airs Saturdays at 9 a.m. ET on OWN.

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