Woods Opposes Background Checks before Gun Purchases

Woods Opposes Background Checks before Gun Purchases
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Last month, State Sen. Laura Woods (R-Arvada/Westminster) called Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate "gun grabbers," prompting Johnson's spokesman to say there was no truth in the comment.

Now Woods has called her Democratic challenger, Rachel Zenzinger, a gun grabber as well, even though there's no truth in that accusation as well. (Listen here at 17:45.)

None of the gun-safety measures backed by Zenzinger would result in a single gun being taken from a law-abiding citizen.

Zenzinger supports criminal background checks prior to gun purchases.

Woods, on the other hand, emphasizes her belief that all people should be allowed to openly carry a gun in public, without concealing it.

The Arvada Republican also opposes a Colorado law limiting the number of bullets a person can load into a gun at one time. Woods wants gun to be allowed to hold, for example, 100 bullets, if the shooter wanted.

KNUS 710-AM's host Chuck Bonniwell should correct his and Woods' gun-grabber misinformation aired on his Sept. 17 show--to clean up his mess from the airwaves.

Woods, who's a strong Trump backer, won the Jefferson County seat by 650 votes over Zenzinger during the GOP wave year of 2014.

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