Woody Harrelson Calls Melania Sole Immigrant Who Watches Fox In Quirky 'SNL' Monologue

"I think immigrants make this country great," he tells audience.

Saturday Night Live” host Woody Harrelson skewered fashion and spoke up for immigrants in what initially appeared to be an anti-PC monologue — but ended up turning that trope on its head.

He joked that he was now considered a “fashionista” after years of often looking like a slob. Harrelson said he had always thought it was more important to focus on serious issues like “the ice is melting; the Amazon is burning; our water, food and air are polluted.”

Then he stripped off his tux to the “ultimate evening wear” pajamas he had on underneath. That seemed to be the chameleon theme of his monologue.

When Harrelson mentioned that he didn’t “just get off the boat,” he seemed embarrassed and stopped himself apologetically. It “sounds like I’m slandering immigrants; I’m not,” he said. “I think immigrants make this country great.”

He added: “But let’s face it, most of ’em, they don’t come by boat anymore. I mean they just walk right in. We see that every day on the news. Well, Fox News, anyway,” Harrelson said. “Oh geez, if what I just said offended Fox News viewers, I apologize. And if I hurt the one Fox viewer who’s also an immigrant, well I apologize to you, Madam First Lady.”

Harrelson complained about the Chinese “taking over everything” — including his whole house. “My wife’s Asian, my daughters are Asian,” he added. “I’m caucasian.”

Check out his last joke — about the word “pussyfoot” — in the video up top.