Billionaire Jets Owner Woody Johnson Called Out Over ‘Bulls**t’ Trump Praise

Trump's ambassador to Britain had two fawning comments about the former president and critics weren't having it.

Woody Johnson, the billionaire owner of the New York Jets, was ripped for his fawning praise of former President Donald Trump on Monday.

Johnson hailed the presumptive GOP nominee as “extremely compassionate” and “extremely funny” in an interview with Fox NewsJesse Watters.

“I think the world will be a safer and better place [with Trump as president]. There’ll be less crime,” claimed Johnson, who is the great-grandson of the founder of Johnson & Johnson and served as U.S. ambassador to Britain during Trump’s presidency.

“He’s extremely compassionate. People don’t know that,” Johnson added of Trump. “He’s extremely funny. I think people are starting to appreciate his sense of humor. And he just impressed all of us once again.”

Watch the video here:

Johnson, who bought the Jets in 2000, made his comments after a high-dollar weekend fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, raised a reported $50.5 million for Trump’s 2024 campaign.

Critics reminded Johnson of Trump’s less-than-funny and compassionate moments. Former GOP lawmaker Joe Walsh, the onetime tea party movement favorite, called Johnson’s praise “bullshit.”

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