Gospel Choir Turns Feel-Good Flashmob Into Moving Tribute To Nelson Mandela

A retail store in South Africa was home to one of the most moving Nelson Mandela tributes we've seen in the past week.

On Saturday, the Soweto Gospel Choir surprised unsuspecting customers at the Woolsworths in Parkview when they began singing Johnny Clegg's "Asimbonanga" -- a song the South African musician wrote for Mandela.

The choir had originally planned to sing James Brown's "I Feel Good," according to Woolworths' YouTube page, but they changed their performance after the news of Mandela's passing.

Watch the video above to see the truly beautiful flashmob take over the store.

Clegg formed the first integrated rock band in South Africa, according to the Los Angeles Times. On Friday, he released a touching statement on Facebook in Mandela's memory. An excerpt from it reads:

"In the defining and tempestuous years of 1990 through to April 27th 1994, [Mandela's] leadership never gave the impression that he was overwhelmed by events, even in the darkest hours of Boipatong and other atrocities that were meant to derail the negotiations. When at times we felt doubt or fear, his strong resonant voice rolled out over the radio or TV and, like a tide going out, our reservations about the future receded.

Watch Clegg performing "Asimbonanga" in 1999 -- with a very special guest -- below.



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