If you’re in Aspen and you need some revivification for your Labor Day pleasure may I suggest music new and old. But especially the new.

The Jazz Aspen Experience is a nonprofit 501 C3 and their mission is to present and preserve jazz and related forms of music. Some of the acts for the September 1-3, 2017 lineup include Hall & Oates, Keith Urban, The Roots, Earth Wind & Fire and the lesser known but on an upward trajectory, The Revivalists, a brand new kinda sound, light and modern and dare I say sophisticated.

These Revivalists played in Key West, at a fancy resort where hundred dollar tickets were on offer and this price was jarring for a fishing village with a drinking problem. So while The Revivalists were indeed fabulous the atmosphere was off. To be fair, it’s possible it wasn’t their fault, years ago certain natives cursed the spot of land exactly where they played and this desecration was repaid with mystical havoc. To the backdrop of skinny hippies with strange looking instruments and making sweet original music police barked, arrests were made, girls in bikinis were handcuffed and stuffed, mascara smeared tears, into police cars. All very un-Key West-like. Spooky vibes mustered.

The Aspen Valley of Colorado is imbued with historical legends of angry Indians and curses. The Utes and Payutes left legacies. Should anything untoward happen when The Revivalists play we’ll know for sure it’s them stirring up the ghosts everywhere they go. Is that what they mean by their name? If you’re lucky enough to be in Aspen make some time for these Revivalists, they will move you, they can stir the dead!

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