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Worcestershire Sauce: How Do You Pronounce It?

We all have our own accents and particularities when it comes to language. Even when dealing with basic words, there's no one way that everyone says something. We don't even have a consensus on how we should pronounce tomato or potato. Some hold heavy on the second syllable, others don't.

But there are words that have multiple different pronunciations, and it's not because of regional differences -- it's because they're just plain hard to say. And we can all agree the Worcestershire sauce is one of those words (well, not the "sauce" part). Worcestershire is one of those words that an overwhelming amount of people mumble when they have to ask for it, so they don't even attempt to pronounce it. Some seem to have mastered it and speak the word with confidence.

Whether you're a mumbler or a straight talker, we want you to show us how you pronounce this tricky sauce. Click below to participate -- it's surprisingly easy (and fun!) to submit your own video. And check out the slideshow below to see how others say Worcestershire.

Worcestershire Sauce