There's One Word You Should Never Use In Sexting

There's One Word You Should Never Use In Sexting

Sexting comes with few complications: without the threat of STDs or pregnancy, college students assume that sexting is the safest bet when it comes to on-campus sexual interaction. However, there are some unspoken rules that are rarely addressed when it comes to sending steamy texts.

Julia Reinstein, a sex columnist at American University, claims that the word "pussy" is not a sexy term for a woman's lady-parts and that there is no socially comfortable word for "vagina" in sexting.

"I think the only reason we don't think 'vagina' is a sexy word is because we've been taught that 'vagina' isn't a sexy word," she said.

Laken Howard, sex columnist at Northwestern University, felt similarly, especially when it related to sexting.

"I never feel comfortable describing my vagina in a sexy way," Howard said.

When Reinstein was asked for a solution to this issue, she offered plenty of options for any willing sexting participant to address this societal problem.

"I really think we should just reclaim the word 'vagina' personally,'" she said. "Though I really think that there's something for everyone. For some people, 'pussy' works. For some people, other words are going to work, and for some people, they're just not going to get turned on by saying any words and that's okay.

"It's all about what makes you feel sexy and good and comfortable."

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