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Word Play

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Blame it on the genius of Anya Hindmarch. Everywhere you look nowadays, you see women of all ages sporting bags, shoes and clothes with whimsical sayings. The soaring popularity of her tongue-in-cheek handbags and bag-stickers got me thinking about this micro-trend and what it says about you, the wearer.

It's a playful and easy way to telegraph that you don't take yourself too seriously.

Many of the messages express the joyful feeling that the beginning of Spring/Summer instills in us -- whether it's about the beach, sports, a favorite vacation spot or just a humorous bon mot. I have also noticed that a lot of these items are written in French, with sayings such as "La vie belle," "Joie de vivre" and "Merci!" Why? Je ne sais quoi!

I love the playful attitude of these clothes and accessories and Memorial Day Weekend is almost here. Go ahead. Invite friends for dinner and welcome them in a "Bon Jour/Let's Eat" t-shirt. Hit the boutiques with a stop-sign-shaped bag that proclaims your favorite pastime: "SHOP." Head to the beach in espadrilles that spell out "Surf." A googly-eyed tote that says, "Blink if you want me" is a real conversation starter. Take my word for it.

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