Which Word Was Invented The Year You Were Born?

The Oxford English Dictionary added some strange words to its online dictionary this year, including buzzworthy, cake pop, emoji, guac, and the ever-controversial selfie. Twerk was added shortly after Miley Cyrus's memorable VMA performance.

The words added to the dictionary each year can nicely summarize significant pop culture events or technological advancements. Which is why OED's birthday word generator, a simple tool showing a word that was added to their dictionary each year from the 1900s to the 2000s, is so incredible.

Which word was added to the dictionary the year you were born?

downloadable, adj.
Of data, a file, etc.: able to be downloaded (see download v.).

air guitar, v.
To mime the action of playing a guitar, esp. to a recording or performance of rock music. Cf. air guitar n.

shopaholic, n.
A compulsive shopper.

gobsmacked, adj.
Flabbergasted, astounded; speechless or incoherent with amazement.

channel surf, v.
To change frequently between television channels, esp. using a remote-control device

bazillionaire, n.
A person of enormous wealth.

beatbox, v.
To make rhythmical sounds with the voice and mouth in imitation of the rhythms of hip-hop music. Cf. human beatbox n. at human adj. and n. Special uses 2.

crowd-surfing, n.
The action of lying flat while being passed over the heads of members of the audience at a rock concert, typically after jumping into the audience from the stage. Cf. stage-diving n. at stage n. Additions.

emoticon, n.
A representation of a facial expression formed by a short sequence of keyboard characters (usually to be viewed sideways) and used in electronic mail, etc., to convey the sender's feelings or intended tone.

nu skool, adj.
Of or designating any of several styles of popular music which incorporate contemporary elements into an established genre (esp. hip-hop or house music); (also) designating a performer of such music. Cf. old school n. 2.

poptastic, adj.
Designating or relating to a very good recording or performance of pop music. Also more generally: fantastic, excellent.

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