Words Covered In Diamonds Always Shine The Brightest

Words Covered In Diamonds Always Shine The Brightest
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Michelle Loconto

Words are amazing. They can inflict pain and misery. Bring tears of joy and sorrow at a moments notice. Words can build and destroy. Words can taunt and praise in the same sentence. Alone they can lift and in groups they can demolish.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

A classic playground rhyme, that could not be more wrong. Words can be more damaging than anything on this earth. Words stick with us. We carry around words that were said to us years and years ago. Words spoken from our loved ones tend to stick the most. Those words are with us until the bitter end. But as we get older and our lives begin to change, as we date, build relationships, and seek out jobs, we need to watch out for those words that are covered in gold, sprinkled with jewels and gems. The ones covered in platinum and dusted in diamonds. Words can come to us disguised as dreams come true. It can be tough for us to figure out which words to believe and which ones to ignore. Which ones to leave where they are said and which ones are gold plated. But how do we determine which words we can take to the bank and which ones will blow up after a few days?


We stop collecting words and we demand action.

Amazing job offer? Unbelievable pay? Relocation package? Sounds great. Those are some golden glittering words and we are attracted to shiny things. But how do we know what to believe? Show me the money. Let’s see a contract with those same glittering words, but in ink. If you agree to something without action being presented to you, you are setting yourself up for failure. Ask for that contract and show your lawyer. Your lawyer, in a sense is your jeweler. He will diamond test those words and see what is real and what is fake.

Dating? He’s amazing. He’s handsome, intelligent, and successful. He says all the right things at the right times. He tells you he’s falling for you. He can see a future with you and he’s feeling an attraction to you like he has never felt with anyone before. Oh my, how exciting! Well, wait. Before you cash in your chips in for this amazing guy, lets wait and see what his actions say. Does he text you first? Take you out? Call with 30 seconds to space during his hectic to see how your day is? Or is he too busy to text? Does he forget he made plans with you? Be sure you look before you leap. Be sure he is willing to give the same amount, if not more effort, than you are. Be sure you are not only on the same page, but also in the same book. Always remember, people show you who they are when you meet them. Be sure to believe them the first time.

At times it’s easy to fall for the glamorous words that so easily slid out of the mouth of liars. But as you begin to buy what they are saying, try to take a step back and listen to your body. Your body has a lot to say. Sweating is not just for working out. Dry mouth is not just for dehydration. A tight chest is not just for breathing issues. Your body will tell you what you want to know before your heart will ever have a say so. Be sure to listen to your body when it speaks to you.

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