9 Things People Over 50 Never Want to Hear

Over the summer, Hugh Laurie appeared on the "Colbert Report" to rattle off a list of words and phrases you can say on cable but are forbidden from broadcast networks.

Whether on TV or not, language is a tricky thing. Words can put people on the defensive -- or make them feel on top of the world. Though the saying goes, "words can never hurt me," they can annoy the heck out of someone. For example, no one in 2013 should still be uttering "bromance" or "binders full of women."

Earlier in the year, I wrote about some of the words people over 50 should never use -- and was inundated with thousands of comments.

Today I'm revisiting the issue. (And, yes, I'm 50.) Huff/Post50 asked its Facebook fans about the words and phrases that drive them crazy, especially those spoken by people with an AARP card. "Anyone over 20 should not use teen slang! In fact it sounds dumb even when teens use it," said Martha Huebert. Teresa Akersten said she can't think of any words that bother her, but added that she has "a thing about driving around in convertibles with rock music blaring after a certain age. (Really at any age!)"

Below is a list of the top nine results. What do you think?

1) "'Chillaxin' ... it bothers me when anyone says it," said Diane Hunt Addante.

2) "'Young lady' ... are they blind! It's meant as a compliment but if you're over 60, it really means 'I know you're pretty old, but I'm going to flatter you.' No you're not!" said Jilly Warren.

3) "Groovy," said Cheryl Weisser.

4) Unless you are her spouse, Laureen Lund doesn't want to hear the word "hon."

5) "'Dude' annoys me, especially when another female calls me that," said Ginger Lyons Thomas.

6) "'No problem' instead of 'my pleasure' or 'yes'," said Deb Hancock Tullos.

7) "Any abbreviation of regular words ... 'totes' for totally," said Nancye Hernsmith Bright.

8) "Bro," said Michael James Cooper.

9) "Ma'am," said many people.

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