Words That Stand Out: Use Unique Language to Capture Attention

Words That Stand Out: Use Unique Language to Capture Attention
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These are some of the unique terms I use in my business:

Gold Toilet Rich

Blossoming Leader


Content Diarrhea


I’ll tell you what they mean in a moment, but just look at them.

No one in business, mindset or marketing coaching are using these names for the things I am.

How did I get to the point of creating and using these nouns the way I do?

Someone challenged me to write a list of 10 words or phrases that I could use that are unique to me. Like she uses the word “cray” and rightly calls herself a Heart Warrior.

At first, I struggled to think of words. I could only think of words that others used and I was bored by myself.

I let it percolate. And new phrases and words for things come to me regularly.

First came GOLD TOILET RICH, which grew out of a post I wrote about the things I want in my life. I want a “gold toilet, just because.” And then I realized there was something to it… I wanted to be Gold Toilet Rich. It means two things: (1) having enough money to actually a gold toilet if I want, or (2) having the money to live a life of financial freedom and to buy your own GOLD TOILET, something you want for yourself that others in your life probably won’t understand.

A BLOSSOMING LEADER is my name not just for those in my community but for anyone entrepreneurial who was born for big things and is constantly focused on their personal and professional growth.

The GREENHOUSE is my name for my community. I create a space where it is safe for my Blossoming Leaders to keep growing.

CONTENT DIARRHEA came to me the other day while writing copy that explained that the prescription for some of the common problems service entrepreneurs experience (lack of money, struggling to write content, etc) is revisiting your message. I was writing about the “side effects” of having a powerful message. Content Diarrhea is one of them. It’s what happens when you have a message you’re so passionate about that all your written copy just pours out of you.

A NAPSTER is someone who wants everything for free. And, just like it took forever to download one song on Napster all those years ago, when you’re a Napster, everything takes longer than if you paid for what you want and need.

I’m not telling you this with the intent that you manufacture a bunch of language to stand out. First open yourself up to it. Ask the Universe for the inspiration to find your own words for things. And be open. Journal about it. Really give these things time to develop.

When you have unique language like this, it helps capture people’s attention. It doesn’t make your message any more valuable -- that has to be powerful on its own -- but people may be completely blind to your message until your strong language gets their eyes GLUED to you.

Rosella LaFevre is Mindset and Marketing Coach to entrepreneurs and Blossoming Leaders called to change the lives of millions and want to be Gold Toilet Rich. I provide 1:1 coaching and create products and programs that will change your business and life. Join me in my Facebook Group, Rosella’s Greenhouse for Blossoming Leaders, and read more on my blog.

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