Words Will Break the Wall

I'm inspired by Bernie. His campaign is a historical event. It's a turn of history when a socially oriented politician is taking on the American political establishment.

His ideas are clear and explosive. It's not a joke: he talks to the majority of people, not to the wealthiest 1%, and it's rare and unique in the recent political history of the United States. He refused to take donations from corporations, but -- miraculously -- his campaign is successful. So successful, in fact, that he has won a primary and is one of the last candidates standing, despite the fact that he is not taking millions from oligarchs.

"One person, one vote" -- his slogan. People feel the truth. Words will break the Wall, and we'll get the Streets back.

As a historical event, Bernie's campaign matters to me. I believe that billionaires should not buy democracy. It's morally wrong to give tax breaks to the richest and cut programs for working families. It's morally wrong when the top 1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%.

It's not just a political or economical question, it's a moral question.

Stand up. Fight back. You have a voice. Use it.