The 10 Best Places To Work In The World: Report

When it comes to workplaces, a new report tries to argue money doesn't always buy happiness.

According to The Great Place to Work Institute, a company dedicated to researching positive environments, there are a number of factors that determine a pleasant work experience, many not related to compensation. After examining around 350 multinational companies known for keeping their employees happy, the research firm compiled a list of 25 companies it says are the best places to work in the world.

In fact, the institute says, employees can be satisfied with their work environment for many different reasons. Microsoft, which tops the list, responded to worker desires by allowing them a full 40 hours of paid volunteer work a year to help their local communities. Google is known for regularly inviting speakers, including well-known musicians and artists, to give talks to employees. And McDonald's, a company currently struggling to combat its image as a provider of low-wage "McJobs," has recently made efforts to find jobs for the long-term unemployed. The burger giant also announced plans to sign up 50,000 new workers in a single day last April.

But for however many factors may contribute to a workplace environment, the institute argues a few key attributes are most important: "a place where you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with."

More specifically, USA Today reports that a new Mercer global analysis finds that employees rate being treated with respect as the most important factor in a good work experience. After that comes work-life balance, type of work, relationship with co-workers and quality of leadership. Indeed, recent studies find that providing a good work-live balance for employees can increase retention and productivity, and boost profits in turn, Miller-McCune reports

Here are the top 10 multinational companies to work at with at least 5,000 employees, 40 percent of which work overseas, according to Great Place to Work Institute:

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