10 Work-From-Home Office Setup Ideas For Peak Productivity

You've got your laptop, desk and chair all ready — but these are the practical finds that might just make you more productive.

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Your home office is definitely a sacred space.
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Your home office is definitely a sacred space.

Whether you’ve set up a corner desk in your bedroom or have a home office all to yourself, chances are you want to feel super productive in your working space.

Maintaining a routine is perhaps one of the best ways to keep yourself productive and accountable when working from home. From dressing for the job to taking breaks, there are plenty of ways to shift your mood to fit your work-from-home lifestyle.

That also means you have to make sure you have everything you need to turn your home into an optimal work space. You may already have small-space desk, chair and computer, but you might be feeling like there are some things missing at your work station.

And one key thing that could be missing from your home office setup is an affordable computer monitor. The design experts at Herman Miller say they’ve “seen a 70 percent increase in dual monitor use since 2002, and multiple studies indicate that people who use two screens are more productive.”

In fact, it’s the small things that can make your home office feel more like your actual office. From a wrist rest that’ll have you resting easy to heater for your coffee, we’ve found the best practical finds that’ll make the workweek a little easier on you.

Check out these practical finds for your home office:

A lamp for all your bright ideas (that's less than $20)
Urban Outfitters
If a lightbulb's constantly going off in your head, this lamp is for you. It's small enough to fit on a tiny desk and not so bright that you can't see your screen. Find for $12 at Urban Outfitters. If this one's not to your taste, there's a classic gold one on sale at Target, too.
A keyboard wrist rest that'll make typing so much easier
It's definitely a tongue twister: wrist rest. But a wrist rest is something you'll definitely want to have on hand in your home office. It'll give your wrists some much-needed support while you type the day away. This set from Amazon even includes a rest for your mouse. Plus, it comes in a pretty marbled print (and other colors, too). Find it for $19 at Amazon.
A pencil cup that'll keep all your writing supplies in one place
When you're on a call, you really don't want to be struggling to find a pen to jot down important info from your boss. Luckily, this pencil cup will keep what you need at the ready -- and it looks like a piece of art. One of our editors actually has this sitting on her desk. Find it for $24 at Anthropologie.
A sticky note set that won't have you guessing who, what, when, where and why
The last thing you want to do is have to search for a sticky note you wrote on two weeks ago. This ban.do set will keep all your sticky notes in one place. It's so cute that you might actually look forward to setting yourself reminders. Find it for $13 at Amazon.
A top-rated computer monitor that's easy on the eyes
Your laptop screen isn't always easy on the eyes, especially if you're looking at numbers all day or trying to make a graphic for a presentation. And that's where a computer monitor can come in handy. This 32-inch one from Samsung has a curved shaped, so it might be easier on your eyes than a flat screen. It even has an "Eye Saver Mode." Find it for $170 at Walmart. And if you're looking for one that's even more easy on your wallet, we've spotted monitors that are on sale for under $100.
A heater for your coffee
In the middle of the day, it's caffeine o'clock. This coffee heater will keep your favorite mug warm enough as you answer all those emails. Find it for $22 to $28, depending on the color, at Amazon.
A little desk that'll fit your hunk of a printer
If you have invoices and expenses to keep track of, chances are you're going to need a printer and scanner. And if you've got a printer that'll weigh down your desk, it might be better for it to have its own space. This little desk can handle your printer and doubles as some extra storage. You can put a vase on the bottom shelf, too. Find it for $73 at Walmart. There's a wheeled one, too, if you want a stand that you can move around.
A power strip that won't overload on you
This power strip can stay right on your desk -- and your Apple devices won't have to fight over charging spots. It has an outlet extender, too. If you lost your USB charger heads, you're in luck: You can just plug your device in here. And it helps that this power strip looks like a daisy, too. Find it for $25 at Amazon.
A reminder that you got this
Uncommon Goods
Get a desk sign to reminder you that you really are a big deal. Find it for $28 at Uncommon Goods.
A pillow that has your back (literally)
If you find yourself tossing and turning in your office chair, you might need a pillow that'll give you some support. This one is designed to be comfortable, since it's made with memory foam. And you know it's well-liked since it has over 10,000 reviews. Find it for $30 at Amazon.
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