These Are The Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance

These Are The Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance

By: Chad Brooks
Published: 07/22/2014 06:28 AM EDT on BusinessNewsDaily

If your goal is to have a successful work-life balance, certain jobs will help you get there more than others, new research finds.

Based on employee reviews, the highest-rated jobs for work-life balance were data scientists, SEO specialists, tour guides, lifeguards and social media managers, according to a survey by the online career site Glassdoor.

Employees currently in jobs in the top five for work-life balance said their positions afforded them the opportunity to have a lot of fun, work with co-workers they like and easily take time off when needed.

Scott Dobroski, a career trends analyst at Glassdoor, said that having a positive work-life balance is important for both employees and employers.

"Professionals with a healthy work-life balance tend to report higher satisfaction in their jobs," Dobroski told Business News Daily. "By maintaining a quality work-life balance, professionals are often motivated to work hard and be productive, helping to avoid burnout."

The rankings were based on at least 20 work-life balance ratings per job title shared on Glassdoor between July 2013 and July 2014.The ratings were based on a five-point scale, with 1 equaling very dissatisfied and 5 equaling very satisfied.

Here are this year's 20 best jobs for work-life balance:

  • Data scientist – 4.4
  • SEO specialist – 4.3
  • Tour guide – 4.3
  • Lifeguard – 4.3
  • Social media manager – 4.3
  • Group fitness instructor – 4.2
  • User experience designer – 4.2
  • Corporate communications – 4.1
  • Firefighter – 4.1
  • Equity trader – 4.0
  • Law clerk – 4.0
  • Investment analyst – 4.0
  • Administrative assistant – 4.0
  • Office assistant – 3.9
  • Sales representative – 3.9
  • Help-desk technician – 3.9
  • Substitute teacher – 3.8
  • Carpenter – 3.8
  • Real estate broker – 3.8
  • Game designer – 3.8

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