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31 Great Work Perks People Don't Tell You About

For 14 years I was the editor ofmagazine and along with the responsibility came some pretty sweet perks, compliments of my company. Here's a sampling of work perks based on level of employment.
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For 14 years I was the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and along with the responsibility came some pretty sweet perks, compliments of my company. Two of my favorites? A private chef, who cooked for my family and me five nights a week, and a weekly session with a masseuse, whose hands were so masterful they should have been insured.

Just kidding! Those are the kind of perks film stars get, not editors-in-chief. Still, there are tasty perks available out there for all kinds of positions, and they can make a great job even better. To score them, you first have to know what they are (a prospective employer probably won't volunteer them all unless they're trying extra hard to woo you). Then you have to come right out and ask for them during salary negotiation -- not after they've hired you!

Here's a sampling of work perks based on level of employment. Availability will also depend on your field. (Hint: don't be afraid to ask for stuff in the tier above yours -- you never know.)

When You're Just Starting Out (at a decent job/company)

1. Continuing education benefits/tuition reimbursement
2. The chance to telecommute sometimes
3. Access to a mentoring program
4. Access to training seminars
5. A health/wellness stipend (i.e. gym, yoga classes)
6. Marketplace discounts (this one is often automatic)

When You've Scored a Job on the Fast Track
Everything listed above, plus:

7. Relocation reimbursement
8. Stock options (these are sometimes offered in entry-level jobs if the company is a start-up)
9. A performance bonus
10. Extra vacation time beyond what company policy allows for
11. A smart phone -- and service plan
12. A high-end laptop
13. Home Internet connection or portable Wi-Fi card
14. Home office furniture and supplies (particularly if you telecommute)
15. Professional society dues
16. Conference attendance
17. Parking fees

When You Become a Senior Player
Everything listed above, plus:

18. A signing bonus
19. Business-class travel
20. A car
21. Car service
22. Fancier club membership (like golf or country club)
23. Financial/tax counseling
24. A severance package

When You've Made It to the Top
Everything listed above, plus:

25. Clothing allowance
26. Hair and makeup
27. First-class class travel
28. VIP service when traveling
29. An executive long-term incentive plan
30. Deferring of salary into a special high-interest account
31. Supplemental executive retirement plan (additional retirement compensation beyond what regular employees receive, sometimes including credit for more years than actually worked)

When You're a Hollywood Star Shooting a Movie

Full-time driver; security; an assistant; fully-furnished home on location; massages; yoga instructor; private chef or food delivery; extra trailer for nanny and kids; non-movie hair and makeup people; travel during production; character's wardrobe at end of movie.

Kate White is the author of I Shouldn't Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know and the former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan.

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