Work Should Be Fun

Work Should Be Fun
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If a presidency is to be effective, it is an around-the-clock, seven-days-a-week job. That doesn't mean family or friends have to be neglected; however; it may mean incorporating them into your presidential schedule so your work can be done and your perspective maintained.

As a president with young children, I took my kids with me all over campus. When very young, they were on my shoulders; when slightly older, they were at my side; when still older, they came to events they liked. They had fun; students liked seeing them at events; I had fun.

To ensure boredom wouldn't set in, I always encouraged my sons to carry a book with them. They rarely seemed to need it, though.

Dragging your spouse around is another matter. If your spouse wants to participate in college affairs, great; if not, so be it. The days of two-for-the-price of one are, thankfully, long gone. In my view, though, those days should not be replaced by a policy that results in a president's spouse being put on the college's payroll.

As my ex-wife wrote more than two decades ago, paying a spouse to work on behalf of the college was, in her mind, wrong. That was her view in the 1980s; it is still my position today.

Although I feel very strongly that spouses should have their own careers and should only do what they want to do for the college, I feel equally strongly that spouses should not be paid for their college work, unless of course it is for work in an established, necessary position for which the spouse has both credentials and expertise. If, however, you feel your spouse needs to be compensated, go ahead and do it--just don't have the college pick up the tab. Pick it up yourself!

You will be totally consumed by your work. In the process, you run the risk of having your marriage consumed, as I learned. You should try to make sure your job is fun for you and, as much as possible, for your spouse.

By the way, should the job stop being fun, find something else to do and leave! Both parties--the college and you (as well as your spouse)--will be better served.

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