A Work Wardrobe Crisis Averted

It's amazing to me that the one place that we (the modern, professional women of the world) spend the vast majority of our time is often the most flat-out dreadful place to dress for. When I pass a savvy woman shopping in Soho and hear her murmur the words "work clothes" with disdain, it is equivalent to the sound of un-manicured nails on a brand new G-Wagon. Not OK.

Ladies, take a stand against the pejoratives "workwear," "office shirts" and all their synonyms -- it's time to start a style revolution. This might just surprise you -- your "work" wardrobe IS your "weekend" wardrobe as long as you have the right styling tricks at your fingertips. Stop banishing your professional gear to the depths of your closet far removed from the clothes that make you feel your beautiful, sexy and empowered self. Choose amazing clothes for work and you'll be able to incorporate them into your wardrobe seamlessly.

I have to insert my own shameless self-promotion here: this what-to-wear-to-work wardrobe crisis is one of the reasons I created The Shirt in the first place. Designed in beautiful luxurious Italian cottons and high-quality silks, we help make you feel gorgeous because you are in control and look amazing all the while. With our patented Dual Button Technology™, no one but your boyfriend can see in "the gape," a problem that has plagued the working woman for years. So pair it with your favorite pencil skirt, high-waisted trousers and a well-tailored blazer that makes you feel ladylike not linebacker. And, why don't you unbutton one more button, throw on with a pair of waxed jeans and your favorite heels so you can officially cross over from the dark side by wearing "workwear" on the weekend? Your office outfits can actually be trend-driven and evocative of your personal style taking you from weekend night to the boardroom without a separate wardrobe.

Are you ready to join the revolution? Start by reevaluating your own wardrobe. With just a bit of creativity, you will find that your investment pieces serve you well both in and out of the office. Your cigarette suit pant can also be worn with a slub tee, leopard belt and flats for a weekend shopping trip. And your classic black "office pumps" can make a huge statement at a cocktail party with high-waisted tweed shorts, The Shirt, and a statement necklace.