How 'Bones' Got Anders Holm To 'Workaholics'

'Workaholics' Fans Owe A Debt To 'Bones'

Anders Holm readily he admits he used to be much like the character he portrays in "Workaholics" — a telemarketer with nothing going for him. Since, he's done pretty well for himself. He's a new father, and he is partly responsible for a hit comedy that's run for six seasons.

In a HuffPost Live interview Wednesday, Holm said his break came from a most unlikely place: working on the set of Fox's "Bones." Holm was a production assistant and aspiring writer, just looking to get one of the employed writers on "Bones" to read over his material.

"'Bones' -- you know the show, been on for 42 seasons now," he joked to host Josh Zepps. "I was working around a lot of cool people who were cool enough to go, 'Yeah, I'll read your script.' Then somewhere along the line it got 'floated,' as people say in the biz, to an agent."

Holm, along with Adam Devine, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck, created and star in "Workaholics."

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