Workforce Preparedness & Business Incubation Next for Vieques

While many on the island are still struggling for basic needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the social/ economic future of Vieques depends on the workforce preparedness of its young people, says Eduardo Carrera, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico.

The Club opened a center on Vieques last year. Having served as an essential source for post Maria supplies and services, it is now turning its focus to its longterm goal: building a sustainable future for the island’s 9000 residents.

I sat down with Carrera during a recent fundraising visit to New York City. He speaks to the needs of matching skills to job opportunities — and to create more economic development by fostering entrepreneurism in the community.

Tesla helping Boys and Girls Club of Vieques with Advanced Battery System

Helping the Club manage in the aftermath of the power outage on Vieques is a solar powered Powerpack battery system from Tesla. The Governor announced the Tesla project for six facilities in Puerto Rico including the main island, as well on Culebra and at the Vieques Boys & Girls Club. The off-the-grid power source is operating on Vieques at the Club.

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