Working From Home Increasingly Popular -- For The College-Educated (INFOGRAPHIC)

Never far from conversations about leaning in or leaning back, redefining success or reshaping the workplace, is one arrangement that allows workers to have more control over their schedules: working from home.

Telecommuting has been shown to make workers happier, healthier and more loyal to their companies, and it can provide the sort of flexibility some working parents need. But like other workplace benefits such as paid parental leave or vacation days, it's not available to everyone.

A growing number of college-educated people are working from home, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of workers with a bachelor's degree or higher, 38.5 percent spent some time working at home on an average day in 2012, up slightly from numbers in recent years. Jobs available to people with less education — which are the bulk of new jobs these days — continue to offer less flexibility.



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