It's Too Nice Outside To Be Stupid Indoors At Stupid Work At My Stupid Dumb Computer

The 7 emotional stages of working inside on a beautiful day.

Argh! It's too nice to be inside working! Look at the bright blue sky! Look at the lush green trees!

Outside, it's 80 degrees and sunny and people are laughing! Inside, it's a ho-hum 72 degrees, the long fluorescent lightbulbs are slowly eating away at my corneas, and I'm not positive, but I think I hear someone typing with nothing but the tears falling from their face.

There are seven stages relating to that feeling you get when you're working inside and it's a beautiful summer day outside.


Stage 1 - Anger

 Why do I have to be at stupid work doing my stupid job?! It's so beautiful outside! I hate this!


Stage 2 - Jealousy

Those people outside think they're so great! With their wind-swept hair and their beautifully tanned hides and Crest Whitestrip smiles! I hate them! I hate the world!


Stage 3 - Sadness

Everything is terrible within these walls. And outside, everything is sunny and warm and laughing and smiling.


Stage 4 - Desperation

I don't hate you, world! It's just that I'm stuck inside, but I want to be a part of you! I can almost taste the sun beams!


Stage 5 - Acceptance

It's no use. I'll never get out of here. Might as well get used to this feeling. This sad, hopeless, indoor-cat-yearning-to-be-an-outdoor-cat feeling.


Stage 6 - Sweet Release

But alas, ye of little faith, the workday is done! Hurry, there's not much daylight left! Do everything! DO EVERYTHING!


Stage 7 - Happy Hour

Ahhhh, so beautiful outside.


Huge thanks to editor Alyssa Spatola for taking photos and helping me realize my full photogenic potential!


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