Working Out on Campus

So, maybe you've gained that dreaded freshmen 15. What do you do about it? Well you could just grab some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket and lay in bed while watching Netflix. Lets be honest, we have all done this. To be successful in college about working out, you've got to pause that Netflix and get out of bed. I know for me, after a long day all I want to do is lay in bed but I know I won't get that summer body by doing nothing. I've got a few tips on how to stay motivated throughout the school year.

Get a Good Playlist

Before you get in the groove of working out, you've got to get motivated. For me, the best ways to get pumped up before the gym is to listen to music. My personal favorite is "Pump It" by The Black Eyed Peas, it always gets me singing along and wanting to dance, which trust me, isn't a pretty sight. There are millions of playlists designed specifically for workouts, try different ones.

Tell Your Friends

Now that you know you need good music to jam to, you're getting closer to staying motivated. I think it's great that people post Snapchats about their fitness, but hell yes it does get annoying seeing that same person posing in the mirror everyday with the caption "gym sesh." We get the point, you work out. I would recommend telling your friends that you're trying to lose weight. You're more likely to stay focused if you tell others, mainly because if your friends are like mine they will continue to ask how your workouts are going.

Have a Workout Buddy

If you and your friend both want to work out together, then get a schedule going and stick to it. The more you make working out a routine, the more likely you will be to continue everyday. It's great to have a workout buddy that's intense, and in better shape then you, that way you're motivated to keep up with them. As you're running and wheezing out of breath, and they're calmly breathing through their nose, you can know that working out with that person helps to push your works out farther, and harder.

Switch Up Your Gym Routine

Go for a run outside, then lift and don't forget to stretch. I can honestly say I regret not stretching just about everyday. Even if it may seem scary, or nerve-wracking ultimately getting your foot in the door, and swiping your ID to the gym is the biggest step. One thing I love to do while in the gym is bringing my cell phone so I can watch Netflix. Yes, I could probably write an entire article just on Netflix and how amazing it is. But seriously Netflix has helped me at the gym. I watch a few Television shows while on the elliptical, and I never even notice how long I've been on the machine.

Portion Control

When I transferred schools, the ridiculous amount of fast food restaurant nearby never crossed my mind. An important factor to keep in mind is to know your portions if you do eat out, but also don't eat out too much. Eating out does get expensive, and it's not healthy to do too often. When you're in the cafeteria, try to color your plate like a rainbow with healthy foods that will nourish your body. My personal favorite is the salad bar, I'm very picky and I love being able to make my own salad.

Make Time For It

When you've got classes all day, the last thing you want to do is work out. But trust me, it'll all be worth it after that work out. The worth thing you can do, is make excuses for yourself. I, myself have done this too many times. What's my best excuse? Too much to do. Being part of numerous clubs, and having the stress of planning events, along with keeping up with homework, who would want to go to the gym? You may not want to now, but you do and you'll thank me later. I can't think of any better feeling than working out. Know your limits, but have fun. Always remember you put in 100 percent, and you'll see the results.