'Working Together': Michael Eisner Highlights 11 Great Partnerships (PHOTOS)

Over the past two years, I've been at work on a project about a concept that's fascinated me for decades: partnership. From my marriage (43 years and counting) to my business life (where I spent 16 years working alongside Barry Diller at ABC and Paramount, and then, at Disney, partnered with the late Frank Wells as well as my successor, Bob Iger), I've been fortunate to find success with partners. Along the way, I've met a handful of others who had similarly positive experiences in partnerships. And as I thought more about the idea, I decided to explore it in a book. Start with a look back at my own experiences with partners, and talk to some other people who succeeded in partnerships.

The list was easier to create than I first thought. The group of people profiled in the book have shaped the worlds of finance, technology, entertainment, retail, fashion, sports, and more for years -- and they've done it by working together.

Michael Eisner