Working With Colors to Create Positive Energy

Working With Colors to Create Positive Energy
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When you live your life in color, you live it with a smile. That's why children love balloons. They are colorful, and they make them want to embrace laughter and joy.

In my practice, I aim to teach people how to use color in their lives to make each day better and each experience more worthwhile. We do not live in a monochromatic world, we live in full color, and each person expresses and embraces true colors through their energy field, which is often referred to as the aura. Color can reveal a significant vibration that will help to elevate your mood by the choice of colors you make. I achieve this by activating my clients' interest in color and how it relates to their emotions. Once you become aware of the power of color on emotion, you will see the advantage to synchronizing the colors you choose to surround yourself. Though there are no wrong, bad or negative colors, the right color can help move us to enlightenment when matched with our own vibration. So a color that might not suit us that day will not be as helpful as it would on another day. Try these three suggestions and see how color works for you:

1. Test one color at a time, testing your response to each color so that you can see the correlation to the mood you experience.

2. Incorporate your senses into the test by taking special notice of how the specific color relates to the five senses.

3. Write your findings in a notebook or journal. Be sure to detail the date, day of the week, the color and the time of day. Most especially, record what you felt while wearing the color. This will help you ascertain the way the color works with your vibration.

Once you have gathered your information on the basic colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white) that you've tested, you will begin to see a personal study in color unfold for you. Eventually, as you become more familiar with the process of working with the color and the energy you experience, you will be able to create combinations that will make you feel more positive and happier.

So to paraphrase Cindy Lauper, let your true colors shine through!

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