Working Women Paid $1.2M Less Than Men Over Lifetime

Think the glass ceiling for working women in the U.S. is a thing of the past? Not according to some recent statistics by
. If you are shocked that working women losing an average of more than a million dollars in wages over a lifetime for being a woman check out a few more statistics from the
  • For full-time working fathers, each child correlates to a 2.1 percent earnings increase. For working moms, it's a 2.5 percent loss.
  • Women over 65 are almost twice as likely to be poor as men.
  • 31.5 percent of Iraq's parliament are women. Only 15percent of the U.S. Congress are women.
And our personal favorite:
  • Anne Bancroft was 36 when she played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. Dustin Hoffman was 30.
Read more about the impact of being female, an older woman, a mother, or a woman of color in today's workforce at

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