Workonomics 101: No Mickey Mousing Around

Workonomics 101: No Mickey Mousing Around
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Lets look at something really Goofy about work and summer vacations.

They say the average household income is $48,000 so, IF as a paid vacation, its worth about $131/day. Stay at home, make that amount. But want to go somewhere? Or don't have paid vacation by your employer?

The average cost for hotel/car package and tickets to Disney World in the summer is $200 plus $328 = $528/day for a family of four. And thats with discount packages.

Therefore, they lose $400/day on vacation or it takes 4 paid vacation days to pay for 1 day at Disney World.

And this was before somebody coined the phrase "staycation". For regular working folks, thats been the case for a while. Best to get a Disney DVD, a Mulan doll and some Mickey Mouse ears from the mall Disney Store and call it a day. Or trick the kids into becoming Disney "Imagineers" (thats what they call them) by asking them to close their eyes and imagine being there.

And by the way, Disney cast members can't really afford it either. The average salary for a Disney cast member is $15,000. You do the math on that one.

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