Fashion Police: Workout Edition

Going to the gym nowadays has turned into a fashion show. Everyone has become so concerned and obsessed with what they look like while working out, instead of being focused on the workout itself.
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Going to the gym nowadays has turned into a fashion show. Everyone has become so concerned and obsessed with what they look like while working out, instead of being focused on the workout itself. A lot of men get too wrapped up in having the best or latest workout gear and spend a significant amount of time getting ready to "show off" at the gym. At the same time, many women go to workout dressed inappropriately and think that the gym is a great place to pick up guys, so they come scantily clad or wear pounds of makeup. Either way -- there is a time and place for that, and the gym is not it.

Here are some guidelines for women and men on what to wear vs. what not to wear the next time you hit the gym.


  • Makeup: Ladies, you should wear as little makeup as possible when working out. I'm not saying you have to go all natural, but you definitely shouldn't have as much makeup on as you would to go to the club or on a date. Some women wear a lot of makeup to the gym so that they look their best for the guys at the gym. However, when your makeup is caked on the gym and you're sweating, it just makes you look worse. Less is more.

  • Short shorts: There is nothing wrong with wearing form-fitting shorts when working out if that is what you are most comfortable in, but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. The whole gym doesn't need to see your butt hanging out of the bottom of your shorts. Be conscience when selecting your clothes and make sure everything fits appropriately.
  • Sports bra: This is a must. There is nothing attractive or cute about not wearing a bra in the gym or an inappropriate bra that isn't conducive to working out. It isn't suitable and will draw unwanted attention to you at the gym.
  • Perfume: You definitely want to smell clean before you start your workout. However, you don't want to come to the gym with an overdose of perfume or scented body lotion. You aren't going to the club, so don't choke people working out around you with a really strong perfume scent. There is a difference between smelling clean/fresh and overindulging with perfume.
  • Working out with your hair down: This isn't realistic when you are running or doing an intense cardio workout. Some women keep their hair down while working out so that they "look better." In reality, it just makes you look worse, and guys aren't interested in seeing a girl with sweaty hair sticking to her face and neck. Put your hair up and out of your face. This will allow you to really focus on your workout and not get distracted by constantly playing with your hair.
  • Men:

    • Keep it simple: When you hit the gym, just wear regular athletic shorts or sweatpants. You want to be comfortable when you are working out, and there really is no place for jean shorts or cargo pants in the gym.

  • No cutoff shirts above the belly button: Bare midriff shirts aren't a good look for guys. No one in the gym needs to see your stomach hanging out and you don't need to "show off your abs" by wearing a cutoff shirt above your belly button. Stick to a regular T-shirt that appropriately covers your body.
  • Mixing too many brands: Wearing Nike shorts, New Balance shirt, Under Armour hat and Adidas shoes is too much. We get it -- you have the newest items from every brand. Don't wear everything at once! Sometimes workout apparel turns into a competition and it shouldn't be. Stick to one or two brands at a time.
  • Dirty sneakers: I see this more often with men then women. Coming to work out with dirty shoes is a big no-no. Not only will you dirty the equipment at the gym, but you also look sloppy. By no means do you have to come to the gym dressed up, but you shouldn't come in looking dirty.
  • Sunglasses in the gym: You aren't at the club, the beach or outdoors so leave your sunglasses at home. You don't look "cool" by coming to work out with your shades on, and you could end up hurting yourself.
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