21 Products That May Trick You Into Loving Exercise

It's game day for your lackluster workout routine.

Sticking to a workout routine is really tough, especially if exercise isn’t your favorite thing in the world. Yes, it’s good for you, but at what cost?

If your workout routine could use a little boost, try switching it up with a product that may actually hide the fact that you’re working out. From a core trainer disguised as a video game to a HIIT board game and more, here are the best products that may trick you into loving to workout.

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A balance board
You can work on your snowboarding, skateboarding and general coordination while inside using this board.

Promising review: "This is by far my FAVORITE Christmas gift this year! This is super fun — a great workout. Did I say SOOO FUN!? I may spend the whole weekend (and beyond!) 'playing' with this." — azure_mouse

Get it from Amazon for $53.97.
A pair of weighted bangles
Free People
Put these around your wrists or ankles to increase resistance and help strengthen your arms and legs, even if you just wear them around the house or while on a walk. When you have the ability to forget that you're exercising while exercising? That's when you've become the master.

Promising review: "These are so worth it! I’d been waiting for these to restock for so long! They are by far the comfiest and prettiest ankle weights out there! I got the latte color and it’s the perfect nude. So chic!" — Banannarama

Get them from Free People for $49 (available in eight colors).
An illustrated yoga mat
EmpowHer Prints / Etsy
You'll get something empowering AND pretty (two things can be true!) to stare at while you bend and stretch your body.

Get it from EmpowHer Prints on Etsy for $69.99.
HIIT The Game
This blast of a "board game" is great for folks who know some friendly competition is the best way to up your rep game. This includes a stack of 52 cards that, along with the repetition dice, will create a brutally fun HIIT workout that you can do anywhere (no gear required!). You can play this on your own or compete with others, using the strategy cards to earn extra points, give your opponent extra steps, etc.

Promising review: "My wife and I use these to change up our workout routine. It is fun to shuffle them up and then pick a card and you just do whatever you pick. It's a nice change from the usual, and there are some really good exercises in there." — Adam M.

Get it from Amazon for $29.97.
A FILA Speed Rope
Urban Outfitters
You'll for sure be up and off the floor with this when you're so bored you think you might jump out of your skin.

Promising review: "This speed rope is super slim and lightweight! I absolutely love this product." — sydneyshay

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $12.
A set of five exercise bands
These are perfect for beginners who want a good workout without having to fill their spare bedroom with bulky equipment. These versatile bands are great for making simple workouts exhausting, fun and effective.

Promising review: "I never knew that elastic bands could help me feel so much burn! I was very surprised by how durable and elastic these bands are. Even after prolonged and rigorous workout sessions, I have noticed absolutely no wear or tear whatsoever! These are extremely good quality for the price. I love the strength ladder too. Each band has a different weight estimate. There are online videos for you to watch too! I 100% recommend this product to any fitness enthusiast — beginner or expert! I would give these10 stars if I could! Purchase this product! You won’t regret it!" — Matthew C.

Get them from Amazon for $9.95 (available in three colors).
A reflex ball
You can throw this on whenever you don't mind looking a little dopey during your workout. It's entertaining AND will give you a good sweat.

Promising review: "This is a lot of fun. I find it addictive, like playing a good video game. For developing good focus, this is excellent! I wear bag gloves, which offer a nice squared-off surface that seems to make it easier to control the ball. I found the black ball hard to see so I put some yellow paint on it." — Saki

Get the set of four from Amazon for $19.99.
A box of activity dice
Available in fitness and yoga moves, you won't have to bend over backwards to find a fun way to work out with these dice (unless the dice tell you to). Each box comes with a dice for each chakra, seven in all!

Promising review: "This is a great gift for someone who wants to get into yoga but doesn’t know anything about it. It kind of turns it into a game and makes it fun! Great for beginners." — Chrissy Becker

Get them from Amazon for $14.55+ (available in two styles).
A weighted fitness hoop
Use this to comfortably target your abs while improving your posture, all while giving you a workout that makes you feel like a kid again. This hula hoop is two pounds and designed with padding for comfort.

Promising review: "I was a little skeptical about this product. As a personal trainer I'm always looking for products that I can use to challenge my clients as well as keep them interested in working out. Not to mention, HAVING FUN! This fulfills each of those elements." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in two weights).
A pair of dance pads
These are connected to some *fab* YouTube classes — step onto these portable pads and get your core and lower body workout in with a truly unique twist to regular workouts.

The DIPDA classes online are fitness and flexibility training courses designed to help improve balance, body control, strength and coordination. The unique twisting system helps tone both your core and lower body without having excessive pressure on your bones or joints.

Promising review: "These are so much better than sliders or twisters. And they are so much fun! I'm a runner, and I own a treadmill and a water rower, but these are my new favorite because I can place them in front of the TV and get a good workout. Depending on how hard I go at it, I can log a mile in anywhere from 10 to 14 minutes. My actually running pace is closer to ten minutes. I love this enough to buy one for home and one for work." — Shelliep

Get them from Amazon for $45.90.
A Stealth core trainer
This video game balancing board is gonna be your favorite entertainment when you're lying around and looking for something to do.

Promising review: "I don’t normally write reviews unless I really like something. This is super easy to start using within minutes of unboxing. After about 10 mins of use, my arms and core were definitely feeling it. The games are fun too. They keep you focused on the task rather than thinking about planking for minutes on end. I’m the kind of person who would rather get a workout in by hiking versus being at a gym, so this allows my brain to focus on something else." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $149.
An adjustable weighted jumprope
This is perfect for the cardio-curious who are ready to jump on a daily workout routine.

Promising review: "I am totally satisfied with this jump rope both its performance and its price. The handles are the right weight, shape, and texture. The rope has a 'springy' feel to it which facilitates whipping or fast revolutions. This rope has put the fun back in my jump rope workouts."ATD

Get it from Amazon for $7.54+ (available in six colors).
A pair of high-waisted leggings
Wearing an outfit that looks good and actually fits well is gonna make all the difference when you truly wanna have fun while working out.

Promising reviews: "I want to first say I love the brand and have several pieces because they fit really well! These leggings are super comfortable! They have pockets on the sides so you can easily fit a phone or something while you are exercising, which is a BIG plus for me. It's a very stylish design and they fit and feel great on! I would highly recommend!" — Samip6

Get them from Target for $40 (available in women's sizes XS-4X and in six colors).
A medicine ball
This will guarantee you have a ball during your daily workouts. This is designed with dimples for an easy grip, making it the perfect multi-use weight if you're looking for one tool to use in several ways.

Promising review: "This is perfect. It's just like the ball my trainer has. He recommended it, in fact. I love using it for resistance training and power training by slamming it. I imagine I'm destroying all negativity in my life when I slam it down." — Abundant Love

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in two sizes).
A cardio trampoline
You get an endorphin high with every single jump.

Promising review: "I love this trampoline. I have lymphedema and I use it daily to help my circulation. Before I started jumping I had daily leg pain and some sleepless nights. I now have no more leg pain...I was expecting it to get better but I wasn't expecting it to go away. I'm very pleased. 10 minutes a day or more and it's wonderful and fun!! I bought a cheap version to keep at my daughter's for when I visit but there is no comparison. The cheap one is so hard, doesn't have nearly the bounce or comfort that this one has." — C.J. Clowers

Get it from Amazon for $229 (available in three styles).
An ab wheel
You're gonna absolutely crush your crunches and make your abs ache in the most satisfying way possible. This is a really intense tool, but it's gonna make your workouts wheely fun from the start.

Promising review: "This was easy to put together and very sturdy. I like the rubber traction on it. The rubber makes it easier to use the roller anywhere, especially with the foam knee pad. I took it to work and can use it on the tile floors in the office without a problem. The knee pad is great, even on tile. It came with two comprehensive eBooks — one on nutrition and one instruction guide. It has great instructions on proper use so you don't hurt yourself." — Applebreeze

Get it from Amazon for $12.74.
A Spikeball set
You can play this at home or take it with you on vacation. Don't let this blast of a party game fool you, it can give you one heck of a cardio workout. It has foldable legs, an adjustable net and comes with three balls.

Promising review: "I heard about this game from a teen I know (I am 37) so I purchased it for my family. It is sooooo much fun!!! Be warned however that it is an aerobic workout! I have not had so much with my kids (16, 17, 19) for a very long time. It's very easy to learn (takes about five minutes) and the game is fast-paced with lots of ball time (not waiting around like in volleyball). I highly recommend game!!!" — Tort

Get it from Amazon for $59.95.
A deck of gorgeous yoga pose cards
High Desert Yogi / Etsy
With 60 yoga poses and five themed sequences, this deck will to give beginners a grasp of what they're getting themselves into on their yoga journey...in the most artistic way possible. These also teach key breathing techniques to help with mindfulness while you exercise.

Promising review: "These cards were SO beautiful and even more than I was hoping for. The quality is perfect! I really loved the descriptions on the back of each card. They’re very sturdy and easy to follow for anyone new to yoga. 10/10!" — Jair W-c

Get them from HighDesertYogi on Etsy for $39.95.
A desk peddle
This is perfect for anyone who believes in the beauty of multitasking. Who says you can't put the pedal to the metal while working through your 9-to-5?

Promising review: "This is easy to put together. It fits nicely under my desk and allows me to pedal while I'm working." — Patty Pixley

Get it from Amazon for $43.
A hiking scratch-off poster
Scratch Off Works / Etsy
Hang this up on your wall and use it as motivation for travel and movement.

Promising review: "My sister absolutely loves this parks scratch-off poster!!! Wow! What an amazing gift! My sister had so much fun scratching off her hikes! She is so excited for her future hikes so she can scratch off more! Thanks for offering such an amazing product! I will be back! Highly recommend! Thank you!!" — Laura Kemler

Get it from Scratch Off Works on Etsy for $29.95.
An exercise ball with resistance bands
You can use this while you catch up on your fave TV show. This will probably be the most practical piece of furniture you could put in your home. A "chair" that works abs just by sitting on it? Amazing!

Promising review: "I am totally happy with the exercise ball, ring, and resistant bands. It's sturdy, easy to put together, and allows a great workout. I recommend this to anyone who really wants to work out at home. If one does not work out regularly at a gym, I would suggest starting slowly until your body gets adjusted to it. Do it every other day or two days. You can do it in front of the television. I have used this on the carpet as well as hardwood floors, it's very stable." — Katrina Nolder

Get it from Amazon for $37.97+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

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