The Golden Rules About Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

To shit at the office, or not to shit, that is the question.

Michael Sykes, President of International Center For Bathroom Etiquette (which yes, is an actual organization), spoke with HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri about the golden rules about when to go, how to go, and what to do when you're in a...stinky situation.

"This is pretty similar to what I call the golden rule for normal bathroom etiquette, keep your mouth shut. Be quiet in there," Sykes said. "And managers, stop taking to your employees... and just leave them alone."

But let's say there's just one bathroom in your small office and that bathroom is right next to your boss' office. Sykes said that he would most likely head to the nearest Starbucks. That being said though, he added that it's important to differentiate between etiquette and simply feeling embarrassed to do what you gotta do.

"There's nothing wrong with taking a humongous poop and stinking up the office. That's not bad etiquette, we're just ashamed of it, you know," Sykes said. "So look, it's going to happen to everyone. Maybe we feed your boss... a couple of burritos during lunch and it'll hit him and everybody's even."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about workplace bathroom etiquette below:

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