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The Drive For Workplace Diversity Demands Long-Term Commitment

By Tom Mihaljevic, president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic

Most corporate vision statements include the word commitment. But commitment alone isn’t enough to change both the culture of organizations and the behavior of individuals. We need a common goal to work toward, and we need the courage to have tough conversations that lead to productive change.

Since signing the CEO Action pledge for Diversity and Inclusion in 2017, we have taken a hard look at the role of unconscious bias in the work environment.  We have had extensive dialogues with our top leaders as we kicked off our first formal talent review and succession planning sessions. We are creating opportunities for open discussion about the ways in which unconscious bias affects talent review and career development. We have provided unconscious bias training to caregivers at all levels of the organization, We are integrating language around diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias in our training and education platforms.

Our goals for diversity and inclusion are supported by the mission, vision and values of Cleveland Clinic. It is a privilege to work in an industry built to care for people at the most vulnerable points in their lives. Those we serve can only benefit from our greater awareness of bias and how it affects patient care.   

As an employer and provider of healthcare services, we have an implicit social contract with our communities. That’s why Cleveland Clinic is striving to be the most inclusive workplace it can be.

This is something we will achieve together. It will take fierce commitment and dedication to our core values. We must be steadfast in our determination to do what is right for our patients, employees and society at large.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion was spearheaded by PwC U.S. Chairman Tim Ryan.