Here's Why Everyone Should Embrace Workplace Napping Right Now

Although it's certainly advised that you power down devices an hour before bed, escort them out of the bedroom and log a solid seven to eight hours every night, once in a while -- whether it's due to insomnia or busy schedules -- we don't always get the sleep we need.

The Atlantic's senior editor and health columnist James Hamblin is all about napping. "Ever since I moved in over a Subway, I'm not sleeping well," he explains in the video above.

The video goes on to explain that lack of sleep costs the U.S. an estimated $63 billion each year in lost productivity -- yet naps are rarely seen as a good thing. “If you fall asleep in a public place, people take pictures of you. They laugh," Hamblin says. "Be supportive. If you see someone sleeping, good. Good for them.”

Hamblin has a point. The benefits of a daytime nap range from increasing creativity and productivity to lifting your spirits. Although taking a midday snooze is frowned upon in most workplaces, Sleep Review reported in July that office "nap pods" are on the rise.

"Growing in popularity as a response to more studies that show the harms of not being well-rested, companies use the pods to provide mid-day naps to workers to boost productivity," Sleep Review's A.J. Zak wrote.

Feeling ready for a nap yet?

H/T The Atlantic

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