Workplace Stress Causes 1 Million Americans To Skip Work Every Day [GRAPHIC]

GRAPHIC: You'll Never Guess How Many People Skip Work Because Of Stress

The modern workplace can be stressful, so much so that many decide to skip out on it every day.

On an average day, 1 million Americans call in sick for stress-related reasons, according to Onlineuniversity, a site that aims to provide informal online education. As their infographic shows, there are a number of reasons workers may be feeling stressed at their office and many aren't directly related to everyday tasks. For one, fewer jobs require physical activity these days than they did 50 years ago.

The office is also ripe with germs, and keyboards and telephones are hotspots for flu-inducing bacteria. In fact, a toilet seat in your office is probably cleaner than most of the appliances found around your desk, according to CBS News.

What can you do avoid some of these pitfalls of the professional world? Turns out there are a number of solutions, like drinking more water and sleeping more. Then again, you can also get a job that requires more physical activity.

What are some are the greatest hazards at the workplace and how to avoid them? See the infographic from below to find out:

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