World Bank Whistleblower Reveals Massive Corruption

World Bank Whistleblower Reveals Massive Corruption
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You need to know about this woman! Former Senior Counsel to the World Bank, Karen Hudes, unleashed recent interviews that should shatter any remaining fairytales about a functional and law-abiding system of banking and government. The good news is that she's part of a network of World Bank whistleblowers, working tirelessly to bring out the facts. And in her recent interviews, she names the names of people who are actively suppressing the facts, exposes the media for being one giant corporate shill, and reveals that all of the U.S. governors and attorneys general have been notified.

Matt Taibbi's recent "Everything Is Rigged" piece could not be more timely, and apparently it's right on target. But now we have it from people working in the highest echelons of the banking system. Check out Karen's numerous recent interviews. For example, this one on Coast to Coast (starting at 42:38) or the three-parter archived on her site, with Jim Fetzer from Veterans Today. Taibbi didn't tell you about World Bank board members being blackmailed, but Karen does! I don't want to spoil the "truth is stranger than fiction" experience for you. But these interviews are going to rock your world beyond Wikileaks and Bradley Manning.

And by the way, Karen trashes the SEC as being completely captured by the banksters, so there goes any hope of them approving meaningful crowdfunding activities, as per the JOBS Act.

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