World Cup 2010 Players: Which Hotties Should Become Male Models? (PHOTOS, POLL)

The World Cup soccer players are already being scouted for next season--the next fashion season, that is. According to the New York Times the playing field is the best place to find brands' newest players. Menswear designer Simon Spurr remarked, "It's rare when you get a Ronaldo or Beckham," referring to two soccer stars-turned models. He added, "It's hard to find that all-in-one package these days. When they come about, the fashion brands jump on them." Nick Sullivan, the fashion director of Esquire, said, "The ones they really need have to be dazzlingly good-looking, be good with their feet and be willing to be a fashion plate."

We've rounded up 13 guys (edit: there are now 14, thanks to popular demand for Arne Friedrich of Germany) who we think meet Sullivan's criteria and would make great male models. Take a look and tell us which soccer studs you'd like to see on the runway and which should sit on the sidelines...or just keep playing futbol.