The World Cup's Effect On Productivity: InsideView (INFOGRAPHIC)


InsideView, a sales data and intelligence firm, has put together this impressive infographic on just how much productivity has been lost by all of the rapt attention paid to the World Cup. (Hat tip to Mashable.)

In the U.S. alone, InsideView predicts, the U.S.lost some $121 million in decreased economic output. And in the U.K., the total cost has come to $7.3 billion. In host nation South Africa, the AP reports, employers have even be known to let their workers leave early to watch games. Patrick Craven, the head of COSATU, South Africa's biggest trade union said, "We believe any marginal effect on the production is completely outweighed by the enormous positive effect that this event has had on the country as a whole."

Check out InsideView's chart:

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