World Cup Predictions of an American Soccer Fanatic: Group B

Argentina has, pound-for-pound, the greatest player in the world: the flea with the genius feet, Lionel Messi. Yes, he does weigh 104 lbs. soaking wet, but still, the man is a maestro, a modern artist/dancer/madman. Problem is, Argentina also has the craziest coach, not just in soccer, but in any sport (and that's a bold statement given the well-documented craziness of coaches), scorer of probably the greatest individual goal in World Cup history, Diego Maradona. They will make it through by sheer dint of the minuscule magician. With midfield marvel John "Obi Wan Kanobi" Mikel waving his wand and doling out punishment, they will be a scary, scary foe. Even though Greece recently won the European championship, and have a most excellent team, their entire economy's in the toilet, so naturally they're going to tank. South Korea has the hardest working soccer player in show business, Manchester United's Energizer Bunny, Park-Ji-Sung, but after that they are woefully thin and wickedly undermanned.

GROUP B: YES: Argentina & Nigeria NO: South Korea & Greece

David Henry Sterry is, along with San Francisco literary legend Alan Black, the author of The Glorious World Cup: A Fanatic's Guide, with contributions by Po Bronson, Irvine Welsh and Simon Kuiper