World Fashion Parade -- Fashion For Peace


The World Fashion for Peace parade is a milestone for the fashion world. Nobody has done something like this before. The ability to do new things relates to the identity of new talents. Moreover, promoting peace in the world is the duty of well educated people. Involving in the process of peace is to promote Nepal and Buddha. Although historically fashion was limited to the youth only, nowadays even older people can present fashion in their own style. Fashion design was initiated in the 19th century by Charles Fredrik Worth. It became more popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Even in Nepal, due to Prabal Gurung's success in the world fashion industry, many youths are impressed and attracted to the fashion industry. It has become more and more popular.


The World Fashion Show for Peace is going to be held at Gotham Hall, in New York on September 25th. The event promotes world peace by virtue of fashion. Founder/President, Mr. Raja Ghimire, stated that "fashion is an art, as well as a living standard; it's a lifestyle. Personally, I consider fashion to be everything because I love fashion. This time we are going to do something different because people love experimenting with different flavors. We are going to promote peace internationally." Mr. Ghimire loves doing things differently: a few months back, he even tried to play the Madal, a typical Nepali instrument, and also presented Panchakanya in the fashion show.


In simple words, fashion is an art. Without art our lifestyle is incomplete. Nowadays, fashion has become a great business. If you present yourself differently, that's considered fashion. We feel proud to be Nepali because Nepal is the country of Buddha and Mount Everest. People used to judge fashion by means of glamor, but nowadays through fashion, we can even promote multiple things and products. This program is going to be held at Gotham Hall, New York. It is important to mention its special value, since one of the approaches of this program relates to the field of social work.


We live in a society towards which we all hold responsibilities. This is the right time to do some good deeds for the nation. The World Fashion Show for Peace promotes peace in the world. Nowadays the world is facing multiple and severe violations around the various areas. The main agenda of the show is to stop these violations and to offer a message of peace to the world. It promotes our culture internationally, so that more people around the world can know about Nepal.


Fashion For Peace
Fashion is an Art. Art has no boundaries. An article of clothing can represent nations, culture, religion and the basic essence of human beings. Our main objective this year will be to bring designers, models, and audiences from around the world and unite them to deliver the universal message of world peace by the virtue of fashion and modeling. After one week of the New York Fashion Week, World Fashion Parade presents the latest collection by exceptional designers from around the world, world-class entertainment, chic after parties, world media, high-end buyers and much more.

World Fashion Parade is a vision that represents Style and Fashion with the mission to promote World Peace, Nepal's Art, Culture, Fashion and Tourism industry worldwide. The multi-national event, now entering its 2nd Season, will be held on September 25, 2016 at the Historic Gotham Hall in the heart of Manhattan, NY. After one week of the New York Fashion Week, World Fashion Parade presents the latest collection by exceptional designers from around the world, world-class entertainment, chic after parties, world media, high-end buyers and much more.


As Nepal recovers from the recent devastating earthquake, it is vital to reassure the potential travel and business partners that the country is absolutely safe and Nepal is welcoming visitors with open arms. With its diverse and historic cultural heritage, a prime destination for adventurers and thrill seekers, one of the world's best food, culture, and with its magnificent beauty, Nepal has to be on top of your travel bucket-list. The Nepal showcase at the World Fashion Parade will also include around a dozen prominent companies showcasing our famous handcrafted goods and other items from Nepal.

Nepali Model Hunt
All the Fashionista's and Models who dream of walking on the international runway in the heart of Manhattan this is your chance! World Fashion Parade is looking for semi to professional Nepali models to walk on the ramp of the Gotham Hall -- representing our beloved Nation Nepal. With over 200 Medias, thousands of attendees, and an international coverage of over 100 countries, this is your time to fulfill that dream. Please carefully review the below requirements before you apply.


Models Eligibility Criteria
• Age: 18-26 (Must be 18 and 26 at the time you submit your application).
• Status - Must be Unmarried.
• Height: Females (5 feet 7 inches and up) Male (5 feet 8 inches and up).
• Must be of good health, moral character, and must be interested in raising awareness about Nepal's Art, Culture, Fashion and Tourism Industry.
• No residency requirement, however, you need to have a valid Visa to travel to USA (if you are outside the United States). World Fashion Parade doesn't sponsor any Visas for Models.
• World Fashion Parade will not reimburse the Models for any expenses incurred (Travel and or an accommodation).
• Top 15 Models will be selected.
• Please go to "Apply Now" section of the website to apply.
Sunday, September 25, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM (EDT) - Add to Calendar
Gotham Hall - 1356 Broadway, New York, NY 10018