The World Consumes More Than 11 Million Pounds Of Food Every Minute Of Every Day (PHOTOS)

That's a whole lot of burgers.

We always knew we had a big appetite, but thanks to the World Food Clock -- an interactive infographic by White Vinyl Design -- we can finally see just how hungry we are. Globally, we eat 11.5 million pounds of food in just sixty seconds. To put that into terms we can understand, that's about 20 million Big Macs. Seriously.

What's more surprising than the poundage we eat, is the poundage we waste. Sadly, that number is roughly half of the amount we consume. While we eat 11.5 million pounds (or 5,133 tonnes) in one minute, we waste 2,472 tonnes.

It's no surprise that the global food system is broken. The world food clock illustrates this point most strongly. The clock shows you how much food the world produces, consumes and wastes every second of every day -- with more information on the costs of food production, how much land is needed to produce the food we eat and where exactly most of the food waste takes place. Check out the site and watch the numbers rapidly grow in front of your eyes -- it's the most effective way to truly understand the food problem that we've been hearing about all this time.

Scroll down for a look at the startling numbers from the World Food Clock.

[Correction: An earlier version of this article based the stats on tons (2,000 pounds), but has now been updated to reflect the numbers based on metric tonnes (2,240 pounds).]

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