World Health Org. - Flu's on first?

Rove: I am really worried.Bush: What about?Rove: The bird flu.Bush: The bird flew? Where?
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Rove: I am really worried.
Bush: What about?
Rove: The bird flu.
Bush: The bird flew? Where?
Rove: Everywhere.
Bush: The bird flew everywhere?
Rove: According to WHO.
Bush: I don't know.
Rove: You don't know what?
Bush: Who said where.
Rove: That's right. WHO has a list.
Bush: How would I know?
Rove: Because I just told you. The latest word is Turkey.
Bush: A Turkey flew?
Rove: If you want to call it that.
Bush: How is it possible, a Turkey flew everywhere?
Rove: That would be complicated.
Bush: Then why did you tell me that?
Rove: WHO just reported it. I was filling you in.
Bush: Then I'm asking you. Who reported it?
Rove: That's right.
Bush: Let's start from the beginning.
Rove: Vietnam
Bush: What about Vietnam?
Rove: The beginning. The bird flu.
Bush: The bird flew all the way from Vietnam?
Rove: Yes. According to WHO.
Rove: That's what I want to find out.....

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