World Leaders On Twitter: 15 Heads Of State Who Tweet (PHOTOS)


The rise of social media in politics is no secret, and more and more world leaders are turning to Twitter, according to a new report.

Digital Daya notes in its new study "Real Leader's Tweet" (PDF) that 15 percent of the world's 163 countries are now represented by their political leaders or governments on Twitter.

Among its findings was that "'fragile' nations - those with a high degree of political instability - are likely to consider social media as a threat," Governing People reports.

President Barack Obama actively used Twitter during his presidential campaign and after a short hiatus, returned to the service in March 2009. Obama doesn't personally update his account, however, as he noted in November.

Here are 15 world leaders you can find on Twitter, and apparently "democracy" is not a requirement as two of the leaders live in autocratic or anocratic societies.

We've sorted them from least followers to most. Let us know which of these leaders you believe are worth following and which ones you'd pass on.

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