Handbag Study Reveals British Women Are Most Purse-Obsessed

Which Country Is Most Obsessed With Handbags?

A girl's handbag is more than just an accessory. It's a sartorial companion and women search for them accordingly -- or, at least, British women do according to a recent study.

The Digital Luxury Group and Luxury Society have launched the World Luxury Index for handbags, and it ranks British women as the most bag-crazed internet users. By measuring the total volume of searches by country and looking at the number of handbag searches per 1000 users, researchers have found that ladies across the pond top the list at 422 searches per 1000 users -- meaning, almost half of the users were searching for purses. (Which makes sense considering Her Majesty's affinity for her own trusty black bag.)

American women don't rank too far behind in second place with a whopping 315 purse searches per 1000 users. And in Italy (a.k.a. land of gorgeous leather handbags), shoppers came in third place with 196 searches per 1000 users. These new measurements are coming during an economic time when accessible luxuries are topping the priority list for many women. Just think: You can get a lot of visible mileage out of one handbag splurge.

The study also ranked the most searched for handbag brands globally. Topping the list is American brand Coach -- quite a sensible choice. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Longchamp all rounded out the global top 5 list. The most searched handbag model in the world? The Hermès Birkin bag -- definitely a splurge, to say the least. Perhaps most of these internet users are engaging in a little digital window shopping?

While this study found that British women beat us in the bag-obsession department, what luxury item tops your most-searched list?

Check out some celebs sporting the most covetable handbag in the world!

Kim Kardashian, March 2012

Celebrities With Hermes Bags

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