Malaria Is The 'Greatest Success Story In Global Health': Nonprofit

Malaria Is The 'Greatest Success Story In Global Health': Nonprofit

A decade ago, up to 45 percent of all hospital admissions in Africa were caused by malaria, according to USAID.

Today, the continent is in a dramatically better place regarding the mosquito-transmitted disease.

About 3.3 million lives have been saved because of international malaria control interventions, the World Health Organization reports, and malaria mortality rates in African children have dropped by about 54 percent. Hopeful statistics like these help validate USAID's declaration that the war on malaria is the "greatest success story in global health."

But there's still significant work to be done.

As the infographic produced by Novartis and explains, a child is still killed by the disease every 60 seconds, and malaria's impact remains detrimental to Africa's economic progress.

World Malaria Day is April 25 -- the ideal opportunity to reflect on our progress against the disease and refocus our efforts for a promising, malaria-free future.

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