World Nutella Day: 9 Nutty Recipes to Celebrate With

Get ready, World Nutella Day is nearing. Celebrated around the world, February 5 is the day to pay homage to this delicious spread.
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Get ready, World Nutella Day is nearing. Celebrated around the world, February 5 is the day to pay homage to this delicious spread. And what better reason to celebrate? As its founders say, "Nutella is more than just a 'chocolatey hazelnut spread,' it is a way of life."

For moms of picky eaters, it's a godsend in getting children to eat things they would never try plain; certainly more than one of us has been caught with a spoon in the jar from time to time. The stuff is just good. So in honor of this delicious day, here are nine unique Nutella recipes so you can start preparing.

Nutella Popcorn: Put some pep in your corn with this delicious, salty, sweet treat. The perfect after-school snack.

Nutella Champagne Shooter: Clearly this one is for the adults. It doesn't actually require any Nutella, but it tastes a lot like it with chocolate and hazelnut liqueurs. Cheers to that!

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Nutella Sauce: Think your child would never eat squash? Think again if it's topped with a chocolate sauce. They'll have no idea they're getting in such a great serving of vegetables.

Pasta Con Nutella: Roti n Rice came up with this incredible dessert pasta. You start with chocolate pasta tubes, then stuff them with creamy Nutella filling. Talk about decadent.

Nutella Pizza: This dessert is easy and sure to please a crowd. With a basic pizza dough base, it's a snap to whip up. Once it's out of the oven, you can add a variety of fruit toppings as well.

Chicken and Nutella Enchiladas: You've heard of chocolate used in mole sauce, so this isn't that far of a stretch. The sweet, the savory, the yum!

Nutella Soup: Yup, if you've always dreamed of drinking out of a chocolate river, this is about as close as you'll likely get. Get your spoon ready.

Nutella Grilled Cheese: For whatever reason, I know many children who won't eat sandwiches. This is a perfect one to get them started. It's definitely more of a dessert than a main meal, but if it lifts the sandwich taboo, it's worth it.

Nutella Pop Tarts: I thought chocolate Pop Tarts were perhaps the world's best breakfast invention, but they have nothing on these homemade ones filled with Nutella. What a way to start the day!

What are your favorite ways to eat Nutella?

Written by Julie Ryan Evans for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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