World Of Warcraft Legion Review: An Overview Of The Expected Journey

Scheduled to be released on August 30, 2016; Legion as the sixth expansion pack for the 11-year-old MMOPRG, World of Warcraft, is going to come with a few interesting turns and twists.

This Blizzard's multiplayer game is famous for its Azeroth's infamous oddity, Illidan the Betrayer, who has certainly left sufficient unexplored ends and unfinished business, making a revisit inevitable. This is exactly what the players in the new expansion will be exploring.

Just as in the former expansion, players will go through a historic storyline that is almost 1000 years old. However, this time, the demonic army is larger and has a more sinister leader, the dark titan Sargeras. The entire saga will occur in the main cosmos, the Azeroth, which almost all fans tend to admire.

This time, the players will travel to the Sargeras' Tomb directly, the place where he detained the most evil demon. Getting close to him is seriously going to be an adventure. The famous AU Gul'dan will still be a major player of this new WoW's tale.

To avert the return of Sargeras, the players need to use powerful weapons introduced as Artifacts and enter into a deal with the Demon Hunters for conquering the Burning Legion forever.

The recently released conventional pre-expansion patch shows the glimpses of big changes that players can expect from the new expansion. Some of the most stunning changes are massively boosted transmogrification system to avoid storing a heap of old stuff, reworked classes, and increased draw distances.

The wonderland of Legion has no exposed level requirements for maximum zones, due to which the players can now level easily, without coordinating the sessions. It also increases the level cap to 110. Similarly, the Character Boosts on sale increase to 100, allowing players to take the action on the spot, if desired.

Coming to light is the hometown of the elven race - The Broken Isles to which more than five zones are added. This continent is full of stunning forests and prehistoric towns, making it a land rich in lore. This beauty is illusionary, as several dangers tent to prowl along with some infamous foes such as the satyrs and the new world chiefs.

The players mandatorily have to start from the Broken Shore on the isles. However, they can immediately pass through much of the isles because of the ability to scale up the level. This is how players tend to level with others and enjoy a smoother experience.

With almost nine dungeons in the battle, Blizzard has kept its promise of making the new expansion more dungeon-orientated. Even more interestingly, these dungeons, too, are scaled. This means that there is now no need to use them as per the order of level.

Fascinatingly, Death Knights are now not alone. They will get the company of Demon Hunters. With this association, players can now fight along with the Alliance or Horde to prevent the biggest demonic invasion. Remaining true to lore, the new army is available only to the Elf characters and include only two specs namely, Vengeance and Havok.

Adding up to your fascination is the set of artifact weapons, which are not only distinct but also super powerful. They are available to every specialization and class, which the players will chase by completing the different quests. It seems that these weapons trigger the typical nostalgic experience, much more than the Burning Legion.

Wielded by the Azeroth legends, these 36 mysterious weapons are bound to show a boost in their performance, with ability trees. The players can customize them to cast a different appearance.

Elucidating the Legion's class theme, classes now possess sanctuaries where it is possible to interact with other members in lore-critical areas. You will be leading these Class Orders, which simply makes you feel as highly central to the storyline instead of just being a part of the Horde or Alliance.

After a long time, the players are getting the most awaited access to the Emerald Dream, termed as Emerald Nightmare in this expansion pack. It is one of the two new raids and has seven bosses, Malfurion, and other cool stuff.

The second raid is the Suramar Palace in Legion, whose rear entrance welcomes the players, which is similar like The Black Temple. It has 10 bosses, one of which shall confront Gul'dan.

The reward system is also going to be commendable. It implements a new Prestige system that encourages players to improve their skills and earn aesthetic rewards such as PVP-specific Artifact designs and portrait arts. The players also earn novel PVP-specific spells with which the battleground and arenas will change.

So, are you ready to face the new challenge and restore the Dalaran city?

System: Mac, PC


Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Activision Blizzard

Release date: 30 August 2016