World Peace Begins With You and Me

This Earth, is the only planet that we know of, which is inhabited by intelligent beings, we humans. We humans, thrive best when we attain inner peace, live in peaceful times, and nurture our hopes for a peace in the world. A complete peace all around us is the ideal however, it is not our reality. There are various fires burning out of control all over the globe.

These are fires of greed, hatred, foolishness and egoism; fires of sickness, death, sorrow, lamentation, suffering agony and endless fires of war. On almost every level of human existence, political, social, and religious, these fires are ignited by deluded impulses. For example, the deluded impulse of greed for power or for wealth seems to know no bounds, therefore a person in its' grip is condemned to endless torment and frustration; the deluded impulse of hatred ignites emotions of resentment, rage and envy triggered by our egocentric desires.

Despite our great technological advances we humans remain ignorant of the reality and true nature of life and the cosmos. It is these deluded impulses that generate discord and rebellion around us. Of all the deluded impulses, ignorance is the most fundamental. Because it blinds people to the reality of our interdependence and the interrelatedness. This ignorance gives rise to greed that drives people to seek the fulfillment of their desires at the cost of the suffering of others.

Each one of us as an individual being can work toward the realization of the grand goals of world peace and the prosperity of our overall society. It is time for us to strive to establish a condition of inner peace in our daily lives and at the same time, contribute to the realization of peace in the world around us, develop our unique qualities to the fullest.

Here are some thoughtful practices to raise our consciousness. First and foremost, acknowledge every human being's fundamental right to justice, equity, and equality.

1. Initiate a ripple effect of good by an act of kindness toward another.
2. Each day try to express appreciation and gratitude to at least two people.
3. Take time to listen carefully to another's point of view.
4. Acknowledge and thank someone for their kindness toward you.
5. Listen without defending and speak without judgment; treat everyone you encounter with respect.
6. Practice understanding and compassion with people you work with daily.
7. Express my feelings honestly while respecting others and myself.
8. Enlarge your capacity to embrace differences and appreciate the value of all people.
9. Pause and think before you say something hurtful to another.
10. Reflect and ponder on the value of peaceful existence in your life.

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